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Are You Sure You're Ready?

We only work with customers that we can get a positive return for. To make sure we can do that we are selective about which projects and clients we take on.

Listed below are the things that need to be factored into your business. Why do we have these in place? Simple. We need to be clear about your business so we can do the best job for you. Read on my friend. You’re on the cusp of entering into a great process.

You Have Clear Cut Goals

Dulls-ville. We know. Here’s the thing. If you don’t know what you’re after, we sure won’t know either. Be S.M.A.R.T goal oriented. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely)

If you have clear goals and you have a plan to achieve them then you’re prepared to take this important step. If not, then you’re not ready to work with us yet. So stop here, and get your goals in order and then come back.

This is a big investment. Make sure you’re doing it right.

You Have Passion & Drive

Building an online presence is a lot of work and it takes time. An enormous amount of time. Passion and drive is the fuel you’ll need to keep going when the going gets tough.  If you lack this, then please stop here. You are just not ready to do what it will take to get to your dreams.

Being self driven is a large part of entrepreneurship. Its going to be up to you to push through when others think you can’t. 

You Have A Budget

If you really want to knock one out of the park, you’re going to need to invest some cash. That’s just the way it is.

We won’t work for cheap on behalf of your business but we also won’t cut corners. 

You won’t need to re-mortgage your house but you are going to need to treat this as an investment and if you do everything we ask, things will fall into place.

You Know A Website Is Never Done

You understand that a website is never done… because the truth is, if you build it, it’s not enough to get your audience engaged.

Building an audience through blogging, podcasting, interviews, white papers, presentations, speaking and education is the only way to generate new customers online. You’ll also need a CRM and social media tool. 

If you don’t already have an audience be prepared to build one. If you don’t understand that the content should be forever changing, then a website is not for you.

You Have Help

We don’t enjoy watching clients meltdown so if you don’t have a team (or you’re not prepared to build one) you’ll have a big job ahead of you.

It could be as simple as a virtual assistant to help out a few hours a week or a fully-fledged content production team, either way, you’re going to need help. Consider hiring a VA at the very least, even if it is part-time. A lot of VA’s will let you buy blocks of time rather than committing to a regular work schedule. We have found this works out great! 

You Have Time

If we work together, we will demand a good portion of your time until your project is complete. The minute we feel we have been put on the back burner, we will kill the project and move on.

We don’t take what we do lightly and we sure don’t have time to waste waiting for folks to get focused in their own best interests. 

If none of this scares you and you think you can step up to meet these terms, then we happily invite you to apply. 

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